Certain  Services  of  SCX  are  not  free  and  fees  may  apply  as  mentioned in  this  Fee  Policy. If you do not agree to the Fee Policy, the Terms or any policies and procedures incorporated by reference, please exit the Site immediately. The Fee Policy is subject to change at any time without notice and access to,  and use of the Site and/or User Account and/or Services may be restricted or terminated at any time. You are therefore advised to review the Fee Policy each time you access the Site, your Account or any of our Services. SCX’s fees do not include any fees (such as processing, administration and transaction costs) that third parties charge for transferring funds or virtual currencies to or from SCX’s accounts or wallets and are based on a user’s request. Information on whether, and if so to what extent, a third-party service provider commissioned by the User charges the User additional or separate fees, the user only may learn from the commissioned third-party provider.


Account opening fee


Account suspension fee


Account closure fee


Request for data correction


Execution of Buying Order on Notional (fiat to crypto)


Execution of Sales Order on Notional (crypto to fiat)


Payment in FIAT via SEPA transfer for buying operation


Payment in FIAT via Credit Card for buying operation


Transfer in FIAT via SEPA for selling operation


Yearly one-off “AML related charge”, once yearly on the first transaction involving fiat

25CHF or 25EUR depending on involved fiat

Crypto to crypto transactions “maker”, i.e. for Limit Orders


Crypto to crypto transactions “taker”, i.e. for Market Orders


Crypto withdrawal fees BTC

0.0005 BTC

Crypto withdrawal fees ETH

0.005 ETH

Crypto withdrawal fees ENJ

15 ENJ

Crypto withdrawal fees DUK


Minimum Transaction Size (fiat to crypto) in CHF

100 CHF

Minimum Transaction Size (fiat to crypto) in EUR

100 EUR

Minimum Transaction Fee (CHF orders)

Max (10 CHF, 1.5% Notional)

Minimum Transaction Fee (EUR orders)

Max (10 EUR, 1.5% Notional)

Crypto Wallet Management Fee (payable per calendar quarter on the average of the 3 end-of-month holdings)



When you use our Site, details of your usage are automatically registered by our web server (such as your IP address, browser, the content you accessed, including time and date of access, and the website from which you came to our website). We also collect and store information such as your name, address, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth, gender and other data transmitted to us if you complete a registration form or comment field for newsletters, product demos, etc. We collect this data for the following primary purposes: (1) to comply with national and international legal and supervisory provisions as well as the SCX’s own internal guidelines, (2) to check the identity and suitability of users for certain Services, (3) to establish a basis for future information on the services and products offered by SCX and to improve their quality (4) to facilitate technical administration, research and further development in connection with the SCX Site (5) to use it for marketing and advertising measures (e.g. newsletters via e-mail, online advertising), (6) to analyse user behaviour and navigation while on the Site, (7) to facilitate client administration.


SCX takes appropriate technical and organisational security measures to ensure that personal data collected and stored in connection with your visit to our Site is protected against unauthorised access, misuse, loss and/or destruction. SCX takes both physical and electronic process-specific security measures, including firewalls, personal passwords, and encryption and authentication technologies. Our employees and service providers commissioned by us are bound by professional secrecy and must comply with all data protection provisions. Additionally, access to personal data is restricted to only those employees, contractors and third parties who require this access in order to assure the purpose of data processing and the provision of Services (need to know principle). Nevertheless, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that data transmitted via an open network like the Internet cannot be fully protected from third-party access. This may result in such data being disclosed or altered in content, or lead to technical errors in its transmission. In particular, data sent via the Internet (e.g. via a contact form on the website or an e-mail service) may leave the country – even where both sender and recipient are in the same country – and may be transmitted to and potentially stored in a third-party country in which data protection requirements may be laxer than in your country of residence. Where data is transmitted to SCX via the Internet, we cannot be held responsible for the protection of this data. We recommend avoiding the transmission of any strictly confidential information via open networks.


The Site uses cookies. Cookies represent the data stored on user’s hardware, containing information on the user. If users reject a cookie, they can still use the Site. Cookies help us track and classify the interests of our users, to enhance their visit on our website. We also use internal web analysis tools for the purpose of website reporting. This involves the creation of pseudo-anonymised data and use of small text files stored on your computer. The information about your use of our Site generated by these cookies, such as (1) host name of the accessing computer (IP address), (2) type/version of browser used, (3) operating system (4) referrer URL, (5) date and time of server request, is not transmitted to any third-party servers. It is used exclusively for internal web analysis purposes.


For the process of creation and maintenance of a User Account you have to provide us, on our request, your identity documents in order to verify your eligibility. From time to time, we can request further information, as a condition to continue using the services. It means that several data might be requested, such as your name, surname, date of birth, e-mail address, home address, tax identification number, personal identification number, as well as any information relative to your bank account (the financial institution, account type, account number), but also photographs of you and the identity documents, in order to confirm your identity and for you to benefit from tour Services. SCX is entitled to ask you to answer certain questions or can take the appropriate actions to verify your identity, thus complying with the legislation in force. As you provide further data that might be asked from you, please verify that all the information is correct and authentic and that you agree to inform SCX whenever your statute/ address/ name/ surname might change, as well as any other identification details of yours. We reserve the right to keep your registration details after you close the Account, for regulatory purposes and for the fulfilment of the applicable legislation.


We are neither processing, storing nor transmitting credit card information on our side. All payment processing process take place on third party Visa/Master Card accredited payment gateways.


SCX complies with privacy clause relative to the clients’ data and it undertakes not to forward any of the personal data of its registered users or its Site users to third parties (natural or legal entities), not to trade them, not to undertake any exchanges of data with third parties or other users of the website staging-exchange.swisscx.com. The personal data of the registered users or users will be used solely for the fulfilment of the purpose for which they have been provided and only be shared, disclosed or transferred if we are under a duty to disclose or share your information to comply with our legal obligations


You can contact us to find out whether we have stored any personal data about you, to request a copy or list of any such data or to correct any erroneous data about yourself. You can also request that your personal data is deleted, provided this is not prohibited under any legal or regulatory provisions (e.g. legal duty of safe-keeping of business-related information). Please note that SCX shall not be required to delete data made pursuant to automatic archiving and back-up procedures in its IT systems, where a deletion is not possible or not possible without commercially unreasonable efforts, provided the respective data is marked as blocked. Please note that we can only process requests for information or the amendment, correction and/or deletion of data if such request is made in writing and with proof of your identity. In the case of your data being deleted, we may not or only partly be able to offer you our Services. If you have any questions in regards to data processing, please do not hesitate to contact SCX Support, at the e-mail address contact@swisscryptoex.ch.

Version: 04.07.2019